Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowing Again...

…is that why they call it "winter?" Still. spring is within sight, although presently buried under several inches of snow. I think I'll survive.

I note the return of the Dan Wesson .357 revolver, the 715. Caleb has an excellent write-up at Gun Nuts Media. Caleb, being even more of a revolver nut than I am, is an excellent person to evaluate the 715. I have to say that along with the Solothurn I never got, I always lusted after one of the Dan Wesson "Pistol Packs" on their .44 Magnum VHs, with multiple barrels, grips and all sorts of neat stuff. I suppose it would be too much to hope for CZ/Dan Wesson releasing new .445 SuperMags for myself and all the other idiots on Lee Martin's Forums — we like compression fractures!!! Carpel Tunnel Syndrome-R-Us!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Post-Modern Revisionism

Tam at VIEW FROM THE PORCH makes an excellent point on BS liberal revisionism:
I realize that, taken as a national average, gun laws have loosened from their Peak Draconianism in '95 or so, but in a number of states that represent a large chunk of the nation's population, such as CA, NY, NJ, MA, and CT, they've never been stricter. 
It was within my lifetime (albeit barely) that you could order an actual 20mm anti-tank rifle in the mail with less drama than buying a packet of Sudafed today. You're entitled to your own opinions, dude, but not your own facts.
She the publishes this wonderful gun magazine ad from the late 1950s for a 20mm Solothurn antitank rifle, with accessories and available ammunition, delivered to your home through the mail for the lordly sum of $189.50 (keeping in mind that surplus Garands were, like, $20):

Sigh…when I was a kid (being slightly older than Tam, of course), I wanted one of those Solthurns so bad I could spit. In fact, I managed to save up the $189.50, plus the additional bucks for the 20mm ammo, from allowances, odd jobs and whining to my grandfather who was an easy touch. Unfortunately, my father, who was less than enthused but had agreed to place the order for me (along the way converting all my quarters, dimes, and silver dollars into "grown-up money" to make the purchase) found a way to talk me out of the Solothurn…he showed up one day with an ad for a Lafayette (I believe) 6-meter AM transceiver that, when you added in the antenna, cables, a desk microphone,and assorted other accessories came to…$189.50.

Which, he asked me, would I use more?

I HATED grown-up logic!

I bought the 6-meter transceiver and, in truth, spent many happy hours destroying our neighbors' television reception.

But I pined for the long lost Solothurn. I remembered it when I first met John Ross, where the Solothurn had a starring role in his UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. John offered to sell me his Solothurn for $10K, but grown up Michael turned him down...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

An Amazingly Low-Key Weekend...

….comes to an equally low-key end. Snow...cold…wind…stay inside and read. Cook a bit. Watch some old movies. Clean a couple of guns. Pretty cool, all in all.

There's a couple of articles that are definitely worth reading. the first is from the Cedar Rapids Gazette via Guns Save Lives, titled "I'm That Guy You Never See Carrying a Gun Every Day:"
People from all walks of life legally carry guns. Some are men and some are women. Some are old and some are young. The ones I know train. The ones I know are aware: Aware of their surroundings. And aware of all of the armchair quarterbacking that will be done if they ever have to use that tool of last resort on their belt. So why do it anyway? Because they value their life and the lives of others. Simple.
It's a good piece, and right on target, so to speak. Graham Tradecraft's Matt wrote an equally compelling piece titled, "Knock Knock, Reaper's Here:"
There has been chatter recently about “ tactical minimalism”, and the idea that having less than a full load out makes a person inferior or less capable. When I talk about minimalism I am specifically referring to living as a minimalist within the context of personal protection and the use of available tools, i.e. firearms, knives, gear, etc. A better term comes from the military and is “line gear”, and is referenced as first line gear, second line gear, and third line gear. First line gear is described, simply, as gear you will never be without or gear that you have with you at all times. Quiz time: knock knock, Reaper’s here…what is your first line gear? Remember the rules: it must be gear that you have on you at all times. For me in my life I want to say that my first line gear is a gun, a light, a knife, and a tourniquet. But I’d be lying. So would most of you. Do you fly commercially as a civilian? Do you go into restricted areas, either government buildings or school zones? Do you swim in a pool or spend time at the beach? If you do, the chances are, like me, you aren’t carrying a gun. Maybe a knife. So that makes my first line gear – the gear that I have with me at all times – simply a light and a tourniquet. Seems fairly benign, yet it is realistic. When confronted by people who say they always carry and have tons of gear and equipment every time, all the time, my response is two-fold: they are either full of shit or they don’t get out very much.

Read the whole thing.

Strangely enough, we watched BIRDMAN today…meh…I'm always a little ambivalent about movies about acting in general, since I'm sort of not really an actor myself. Insufficient angst. One of the times I was out playing Hollywood a real actor asked me whether I'd always wanted to be an actor. I replied, reflexively, that I wasn't an actor. She laughed. "You've been on teevee for, what, a decade?" she said. "Trust me, you're an actor." Cue the theme music, I suppose. LOL!

Anyway, it was okay.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Egg & I

So it's cold and snowing here at the Bunker, my Sweetie was sleeping in and I decided to cook for her. Since I had some gold potatoes, sweet peppers and an onion, I immediately thought "Frittata!"

The problem is that I've always been sort of frittata-challenged. For those of you who don't know by heart the schedule of The Cooking Channel, a frittata is an Italian dish that is, essentially, a crustless quiche, or maybe a pan omelette. My issue has been the "crust" for the "crustless" dish…you need a golden brown crust for the dish to work.

I consulted my 2 favorite cooks, Alton Brown and Nigel Slater, then boiled the potatoes, chopped onions and sweet peppers and grated some amazing aged Welsh cheese I had around. When the potatoes were done I chopped them into cubes, added the cubes the to the sautéed-in-good-olive oil onions and peppers and cooked them at medium heat in a cast iron skillet for a bit.

I whipped the eggs with some designer oregano, the grated Welsh cheese, salt and fresh ground pepper. when my Sweetie got up, I "assembled" the frittata —I added the whipped egg mixture to the skillet, then cooked at a low heat on top of the stove to get that golden crust I wanted. When I felt the crust was almost there…remember, a cast iron skillet keeps cooking…I popped the skillet under the gas broiler for a couple of minutes to "set" the eggy mixture.

Definitely the best frittata I've ever made! A touch of Tabasco popped the flavors of the mild peppers, and the potatoes. I should'a taken a picture, but we ate it too quickly.

If you're not overcome in with cooking lust, WeaponsMan has a great article on the rise of optics as the choice for military firearms.

And a little something to make you think, from Herschel at Captain's Journal, titled "Obama Responds":

Friday, February 20, 2015

Breakthrough at Summit on "Countering Violent Extremism!"

WASHINGTON D.C. — After three days of "spirited" discussion, a virtually giddy Vice-President Joe Biden faced cameras to announce the stunning breakthrough.

"It's the Jews!" said Biden, slipping his hand inside the blouse of Kimmy Jong-Yummy, the North Korean representative to the summit who moaned with thinly disguised pleasure. "The Jews in an unholy, clearly not Islamic alliance with the Tea Baggers!"

The breakthrough came when the White House revealed, through their Cuban national spokesperson, SS Oberstrumbannfuhrer Alexjandro "Che" Castro, a 3rd cousin of legendary revolutionary idol Fidel Castro who had previously served as Minister of Misleading Crop Reports for the Castro government, the existence of a document that "unequivocally" links Jews to American right-wing terrorists.

"The document is titled 'Protocols of the Elders of Idaho,'" added State Department Spokesperson Marie Hajj, who recently changed her from "Harf" to "Hajj" in solidarity with Sharia Social Justice Warriors Worldwide (SSJWW). The document was discovered during a joint DEA, ATF, DHS and the Mexican Grupo Marte raid on a compound near San Antonio; the raiders initially performed a dynamic entry on the Taco-Centro Bodega, which had been described in the warrant as a "hotbed of right-wing terrorism." After repeatedly shooting 2 chihuahuas and seizing an unspecified number of donuts, the raiders discovered that the warrant was actually for the house across the street.

Quickly shifting gears, the 58 heavily armed and armored "operators" crossed the street and seized the dilapidated empty home, where they discovered what was described as an "arsenal" (shown blow).

Also seized along with the "Protocols" document were drugs, including aspirin and "behind-the-counter" antihistamines, and an unspecified amount of cash, ("unspecified," as the coin counter at the Safeway was unable to count Mexican coins).

"The Protocols clearly outlined an operating structure between American right-wing gun clingers and Jewish money-lenders both in Israel and the United States," said Hajj, adroitly dodging Vice-President Biden's bare foot, which was slipping up her dress. "This should put an end to the scurrilous, persistent  lie that the upswing in terrorism is linked to our valiant brothers in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, France, Great Britain and New Jersey."

"Barack Hussein Osama…er…Obama has been vindicated!" said Biden, zipping up his pants.

Two other important announcements emerged from the "Countering Violent Extremism" summit.

Perhaps the most important was the public/private joint "enterprise" grant of the sum of $2 billion for the Middle Eastern country that finds "The Most Fascinating Use of Nuclear Power." The Soros/Obama Prize will allow the winning country to "jump to the next level," providing warmth and bright light to at least some cities of the Middle East. Representative from Iran and Yemen, present at the Summit, committed their countries to "go for the Big One!"

The Summit also unveiled an app for both the iPhone and Android platform, designed by Saudi Arabian software engineers, that allows users to compare prices for slaves at the various ISIS markets. The app also allows one-click selection of specific sex, body styles and price range.

"This app allows us to monitor the disgusting institution of slavery," Hajj noted, "which will lead to a fairer, more equal world."

When asked why the app had a "PURCHASE NOW" button, Hajj had no comment.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

C'Mon Up To The Rising….

State Dept thinks #isis just needs better jobs to dissuade them from being terrorists. I've got a job for em, holding my DownRange targets.

— Tweet from John Rich of the country duo "Big and Rich"

First, a reading assignment. This article from Graeme Wood in The Atlantic, a left-leaning pub, on what ISIS/ISIL wants is long, dense reading and absolutely necessary:
That the Islamic State holds the imminent fulfillment of prophecy as a matter of dogma at least tells us the mettle of our opponent. It is ready to cheer its own near-obliteration, and to remain confident, even when surrounded, that it will receive divine succor if it stays true to the Prophetic model. Ideological tools may convince some potential converts that the group’s message is false, and military tools can limit its horrors. But for an organization as impervious to persuasion as the Islamic State, few measures short of these will matter, and the war may be a long one, even if it doesn’t last until the end of time.
Please read the whole thing…I think it will help you understand more fully the holy war we now face.  I'd also like to send you to this brilliant piece by historian Victor Davis Hanson titled The Reckoning:
For bewildered and increasingly quietist Americans, the center holds mostly in family, religion, a few friends, the avoidance of the cinema and nightly news, the rote of navigating to work and coming home, trying to stay off the dole and taking responsibility for one’s own disasters — as the world grows ever more chaotic in our midst. 
All sorts of escapism from the madness is now epidemic. Home-schooling. Gun ownership. A second home in the mountains. A trunk of freeze-dried food. Kids living in the basement. A generator. Some gold coins. A move to Wyoming. An avoidance of the old big cities. A tough choice between death and going to the nearby emergency room (at least your relatives are safe as you pass away at home). A careful and narrow selection of channels on cable TV. A safe room or escape plan. And on and on.
On THE BEST DEFENSE, we don't deal with the bigger macro issues…our focus is on getting you and your family home every evening. It is important, though, to understand that the world is becoming an increasingly spooky place. Accordingly, the more you know, the more you can accurately access those things you need to learn.

It is a tenant of faith for me and an element of doctrine at TBD that the fundamental bedrock of personal safety is seeing the world as it is as opposed through any set of tinted glasses. For example, we have been clear over the seasons that the likelihood of you being caught in an active shooter situation is on par with being struck by lightning twice in a year— and yet people get struck by lightning every year, and occasionally twice a year..

At TBD we believe that terrorism will increasingly become a part of our own landscape, to the detriment of our personal lives, our culture and ultimately our liberties. Michael Janich, Mike Seeklander, Marty Hayes, Tim Cremin, Jeff Murray, Brandon Green and I have a deeply held commitment to give you the tools to live in the darkening America of the future, again, to make sure you and your family get home at night.

On the DOWN RANGE Radio podcast, I have talked for years about the concept of "transition time," that is, the lag time between the initiation of the violent event and your response to that event. "Transition time" defines whether you succeed or fail, essentially whether you live or die. To put it bluntly, if at the beginning of a violent event — possibly a terrorist event — you spend your preciously seconds thinking, "Wow! I never thought this could happen here, and I especially never thought this could happen to me!!!." you are not going to make it.

Read and learn. Then train, …this is an old quote and I've never seen a bulletproof attribution (generally attributed to "Seen at Ft. Irwin, CA"), but it has never been truer:
"Somewhere, a True Believer is training to kill you. He is training with minimal food or water, in austere conditions, training day and night. The only thing clean on him is his weapon and he made his web gear. He doesn't worry about what workout to do — his ruck weighs what it weighs, his runs end when the enemy stops chasing him. This True Believer is not concerned about 'how hard it is;' he knows either he wins or dies. He doesn't go home at 17:00, he is home. He knows only The Cause.

Still want to quit?"
Picture Your Daughter Here!

BTW, if you've got a daughter younger than 9 years old, she'll bring as high as $172 at the ISIS slave markets, and, of course, her purchaser can have intercourse with her immediately if she's a virgin. For older children, and maybe your wife, it'll be between $130, and, if older than 50 years old, as little as $40. And no sex until her uterus has been purified!  From Sultan Knish, who makes the point that if the united States hadn't intervened, our friends the Saudis, who had slavery until 1962, would still be running their own markets:
Journalists trying to make sense of ISIS demanding Jizya payments and taking slaves ought to remember that these aren’t medieval behaviors in the Middle East. Not unless medieval means the 19th century. And that’s spotting them a whole century. Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962 under pressure from the United States. Its labor market and that of fellow Petrojihadi kingdoms like Kuwait and Qatar are based on arrangements that look a lot like temporary slavery… for those foreigners who survive.
Slavery's not a "bug;" it's a "feature!" And speaking of features, remember that special features, such as blue or green eyes will bring a premium price at the market! Of course, it won't matter to you because you'll be dead.

[The painting, BTW, is the classic The Merchant's Pearl from one of Chile's most famous artist, Alfredo Valenzuela Puelma, finished in remains one of the most famous pieces of artwork from that country]

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finally! A Victory We Can ALL Rejoice In!

Miss P, a 15-inch Beagle, sweeps Best of Show at Westminster! Newt, who looks uncannily like Miss P, is simply beside herself with joy. Miss P's great uncle is the legendary Uno, the greatest Beagle of them all. Newt herself is from Windkist Kennels in Utah, one of the co-breeders of Uno and the breeder of Uno's father, Parker. The victory is especially sweet because today is Newt's birthday — she 1 year old!

Newt, of course, chose to follow the Way of the Mountain Beagle and left the show world behind, but she sends her loud and hearty congratulations to Miss P!